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How do I get in touch with Dora?


If you’re ready to take the next step, or even if you’re not sure what the next step is, use the Contact Us Form to reach out to me.  There’s never been a better time to break free from the energy that binds you and step into Freedom 4 The Soul. We start with email and progress to phone and Skype. 

Where is Guidess 4 The Soul Located?

When Dora closed the Breath of Life Center in October 2016, she moved her practice to her home.  She serves locally and globally from that sacred space. Her home is located in the West Cobb area near Atlanta, Ga.  Once you make an in-person-appointment or register for her workshops, you will be provided with a location address.

Raise your hand if:

You're sick and tired of meeting everyone else's needs and feeling empty-handed or abandoned when it comes time to be on the receiving end.

You can’t figure out why the same patterns keep repeating themselves even though you’re putting forth more and more effort.

You wrestle with demons-of-doubt that are always reminding you that "If you were better, smarter, more organized, more creative, or more (insert another comparison label), then certainly your life wouldn’t be in the shitty, out-of-control, and frazzled mess it is!"

You're worried about "being a good mother".


You’re scared to death to let down your public-guard for fear that it’ll all come crashing down around you and you’ve worked too hard to create the life that people think you live.

You can’t remember the last time you did something that would remotely qualify as ‘self-care & nurturing’ although you have spent hundreds (if not thousands of $$$) for activities/services that are meant to make you feel better.  

You feel scattered and unorganized and guilty beneath all the list of things that need to get done.


You work harder for the dreams of others than you do for your own, probably because you can’t remember what your dreams are.

You crave connection with other women in a supportive environment where the focus is on You as a Divine Being (not you as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, volunteer, caretakers, etc. - - although tips on how to master those roles would be greatly appreciated)

You KNOW there’s got to be a better way but you’re not sure how to get started or what steps to take. After all, you’re managing the lives of a family, sometimes a career, and all those hats you wear.


I have been ALL of these women at one time or another. I know what it's like to feel lost in the darkness of uncertainty, overwhelm, and even depression.

Let me be a guiding light in the darkness and help you cut straight to the heart of the matter. Together, and through my proven process, we will connect to what’s really important, teach you how to figure out what kind of life/relationships you want to create and develop a game plan for bringing it to life.

I guide you forward one step at a time, side by side. Your journey is your own, just like the women before you.

Your soul is asking for you to take this next step.
Being ready isn’t necessarily a requirement – but being willing is.​

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