Promise and Practice

1.  I will walk with you as a guide, holding the light of hope, compassion, and truth, for as long as you choose or as long as I believe I'm of service to you.


2.  I will draw from every bit of experience, technique, training, level of study, various healing art modalities, and connection to My Team so that I can support your journey to the best of my ability. I do not define your truth for you or proclaim to know all the answers.


3.  I will create and hold a sacred space for you to tell your story. We will work together to identify the energetic patterns of those stories and then I will guide you to the place beyond the story where you are no longer hostage to the internal self-doubt, nagging shame, and inner-critic that seems to have control of the reigns.  I will teach you to live from that place with success.


4.  I will connect with and listen to the intuitive voice that comes from a place of ‘all knowing’ and share what I hear. Depending on the depth of our work together, I will then teach you to connect to your intuitive voice and guide you away from the guru mentality.


5.  I will teach you to guard your energy, transform the vibration, and clear it from all time, space, and dimension so that you can take responsibility for your life and continued work. I will teach you how to protect yourself and your home, belongings, pets, etc.


6.  I pledge to help you build a strong spiritual foundation so you can layer as many positive life experiences, relationships, and expressions of gratitude and abundance as you desire.


7. I will promptly inform you if we ever step outside of my realm of expertise and make referrals as appropriate because I believe in a whole body/mind/soul approach to wellness. I stay connected to a wide list of trusted resources. While I can support mental wellness, I am not a mental health professional nor do I pretend to be one.


8. I agree to act as a relay and open channel for information and awareness which in turn can help you to gain clarity, identify the wisdom being presented, create a plan, and then execute that plan based on love and compassion for yourself and others.


9. I operate on a foundation of spiritual integrity. I utilize sound energy practices through grounding, shielding, Reiki, and shamanic practices in my daily spiritual practice, with my home/family/pets, and in my business practice.


10. I commit to authenticity, transparency, and to serving you with my gifts (including everything that I have learned and experienced) so that we both are equipped to do our work and live a life of soul prosperity and joy.

If these points of light resonate with you and you'd like to learn more and explore a better life, then click the "Let's Talk" button below to schedule your initial phone consult. Be prepared to discuss your main challenge. We'll cover how I can support you and what you can expect. Even if you decide not to work with me, you'll still leave the call with at least 3 ideas that you can put into action immediately.


It's the best investment that you can make in yourself.


Dora Locklear


Dora Locklear,

Owner – Guidess 4 The Soul

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