Channelings &


When you’re ready to listen, the messenger and message will come forth.


This service is specific and customized for those who are looking to gain clarity, awareness, and connection. If you feel called to receive this service, then it’s likely for you.


Dora has several card decks that she pulls from based on intuition and then she interprets the information and relay messages and guidance to you. She uses Tarot and oracle cards and chooses the deck based on the person and situation.


To hear Dora speak about this service, you would hear her say, “I light a candle, set sacred space, call in The Team, listen for what messages are coming forth, and then share as I am directed.”


Channelings are direct messages from beyond the veil.  You may receive these messages from loved ones or guides from beyond the veil.


You can choose whether you want to receive your reading in-person or long-distance.  Dora will contact you after your appointment is confirmed and you can select Skype, email, or phone for your reading.


Some of Dora’s favorite decks currently include, but are not limited to:

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