Dora offers Reiki services a bit different than most.  
Your first visit last 90 minutes - during which - she performs some energetic assessments, asks a few questions, and then offers the Reiki healing.


There's plenty of time for follow-up questions.


You’ll leave this first session with more than just Reiki - including some customized affirmations that are specific to your needs and daily rituals for clearing and grounding so that you can maintain the harmony achieved during your session.


Any subsequent Reiki visits are 50 minutes at $85/visit.


For those who are committed to a weekly or monthly Reiki session for energetic cleansing and balancing, we offer Reiki packages for as low as $50/visit.  Use the contact form to request more information.


Adapts to needs of recipient.

Helps meditative states.

Promotes personal awareness.

Enhances spiritual connection.

Fosters natural self-healing.

Relaxes and reduces stress.

Balances energies in the body.

Relieves pain and discomfort. ​

Have more questions? See the Reiki FAQ's

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