Why do people learn Reiki?

Because it works on a personal and a global level (and everything in between).


Whether you want to learn about Reiki so that you can do it for your own personal benefit, offer it to your family members (including four-legged ones), or offer it to someone else in the form of a service or business, our Reiki classes are for you.  


Imagine gifting healing and relaxation to yourself, your family, and your furry friends simultaneously.

Great things are often better when shared with a friend so register with yours. You can partner as study buddies, learn together, and then practice on each other if you choose.


Reducing stress and anxiety while increasing wellness just might save a life – yours and someone you love.


First Degree – Level 1


This is an entry-level class for anyone and everyone who wants more options for stress reduction, relaxation, greater self-awareness, and over-all increased general well-being. It offers the basics for understanding and practicing self Reiki as a form of personal/physical healing. The attunement, a workbook, resource list, and complimentary student/Master follow-up is included.     







Second Degree – Level 2


This next level builds upon Level 1 and takes the student deeper into the Reiki practices, philosophies, and teachings.  The first three symbols are introduced and prepares the student to offer Reiki to others in person or through distance healing. Includes workbook, resource list, attunement, and student/Master follow-up.


Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1 with approved Reiki Master






Third Degree – Reiki Master/Teacher


This next level brings the student to the “Reiki Master/Teacher level and certifies them to teach others although many take the class with no plans to teach. This class offers intensive Reiki training so it is a commitment in time and energy. It involves over 28 hours of classroom instruction, private practice, and is delivered in a monthly series over 3 months.

To inquire about registering for this level class, please contact Dora at Guidess4TheSoul using our contact form  or by phone at 678-701-7495 during normal business hours.


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