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Dora’s passion for communicating impactful messages was anchored in 1982 when she attended a series of Dale Carnegie workshops.  Since that time, she has been involved in a variety of speaking/teaching/training initiatives.

She has:

- Contributed to and was instrumental in the creation of an international training program for direct sellers in a new consultant program with measurable and impressive results.
-  Tripled the membership of a local African Violet gardening organization over a one-year period through a series of monthly presentations designed to increase knowledge and enhance the growing experiences for community participants.
- Created the curriculum and delivered her ‘Vision Board and Vision Journal’ interactive and creative workshop for female business incubator groups locally and regionally as well as small community/sales groups where she teaches how to take a vision beyond the Cut/Paste and into the planning, action, and realization.
- Helped teenagers discover the importance of topics such as ‘self-care, positive self-talk, and the how-tos of making choices in alignment with life-long-goals’ to a group of retreat participants from rehabilitation groups and young mothering groups.
- Shared her “Intuitive Voice - How To Use it for Relationships & Business Success” to several groups... including a group of 30 acting students enrolled in Kristen Shaw Acting Studio, Lilburn, Ga (with rave reviews, we might add)

She Is:

- Currently leading groups on topics such as Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction, Quieting the Destructive Voice Within, Energetic Boundaries, and more.
- Comfortable connecting with groups from 5 to 5,000 through stories, experiential, and results-oriented methods and can walk an audience step-by-step into understanding and willingness to implement proven strategies.

- Delivering impactful messages focused to inspire, motivate, connect with, and ensure personal and professional growth.
- Skilled and experienced in customizing her presentation to your organization’s specific needs and engaging with your group in person, or through the assistance of technology.
- Willing to work with a variety of budgets and rise to the challenge and opportunity to work with your group.

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